1st Male Sex Toy with No-Mess Cleanup!

fifi Sex Toy for Men  Discreet Design No-Mess Cleanup Feels Great 

No-Mess Cleanup

The fifi is a male masturbator that uses disposable sleeves. Each sleeve is designed for one-time use. No cleaning necessary, simply dispose of the sleeve after each use.

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fifi No-Mess Male Masturbator

Adjustable Tightness

Roll the fifi tight or loose depending on your preference and squeeze it to increase pressure. The fifi also warms up with use for a more realistic sensation.

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fifi Male Masturbator with Adjustable Tightness

Discreet Design

Travel discreetly. Unlike most male masturbation toys on the market, fifi's design naturally blends in any environment and is often mistaken for a pillow.

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fifi Masturbator with Discreet Design fifi Masturbator with Discreet Design

Cleaning 101 - fifi vs Fleshtoy